7 Must Have Summer Dresses

7 Must Have Summer Dresses

7 Must Have Dresses for the Summer


Summer, summer, summer time…home of the sundress, day parties, and back-yard barbecues.  *Cues Summertime by Will Smith. Undoubtedly, summer is one of the seasons that a girl lives for, you know suns out funs out!  And the girls come to slay in their summer dresses. Here we’re list 7 must have dresses for summer 2018.

  1. The patterned dress
  2. The shirt dress
  3. The plaid dress
  4. The polka dot dress
  5. The baby doll dress
  6. The floral dress

And our favorite rounding out the top 7 is the oversized lightweight dress. If this is your fav, check out our Bellini Maxi dress. It’s loose, lightweight, comfortable style is the go to for the girl in search of comfort and elegance.

Let us know your favorite in the comments and tell us which ones you’d like to see in our shop!

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